Dickie Peterson & Mother Ocean

feat. Jerre Peterson


Blue Shell, Köln

Jerre Peterson - CD-Präsentation

Blue Shell, Köln


Dickie Peterson (born 1948, Grand Forks, ND) is the bassist and lead singer for Blue Cheer. He has also recorded two solo albums: Child of the Darkness and Tramp.
Peterson has been playing bass since the age of thirteen, and knew at the age of eight that he wanted to become a professional musician. He comes from a musical family: his father played trombone, his mother played piano and his brother, Jerre Peterson, initially was a flautist. Drums were Peterson's first instrument. Peterson cites Otis Redding as a significant influence. He credits his brother, the late Jerre Peterson, as being his lifelong musical influence.Jerre Peterson was one of the lead guitarists in the initial lineup of Blue Cheer (the other being Leigh Stephens) and played with various formations of the band in later years.
Peterson has spent much of the past two decades based in Germany, playing with Blue Cheer and other groups on occasion. For example, in 1998 and 1999, he played various dates in Germany with the Hank Davison Band and as an acoustic duo with Hank Davison under the name "Dos Hombres". He appears on the album, Hank Davison and Friends - Real Live.
Throughout his life, Peterson's relationship to music has been all-consuming. As he recently said, "I've been married twice, I’ve had numerous girlfriends, and they’ll all tell you that if I’m not playing music I am an animal to live with. ...Music is a place where I get to deal with a lot of my emotion and displaced energy. I always only wanted to play music, and that’s all I still want to do."
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