Samstag, 13.03.2010

21 Uhr

the wildebeests

- Garage Rock -

Support: The Ten Tenners

Luxemburgerstrasse 32
50674 Köln

Zur Deutschland-Premiere (!) kommen „The Wildebeests“ auf Einladung des Klub der 40 ins Blue Shell. Es bleibt auf Wochen auch das einzige Deutschland-Konzert, die Wildebeests kommen eigens für diesen Auftritt über den Kanal!
Das britische Trio ist eine Art Garage-Rock-Supergroup aus dem Billy-Childish-Umfeld. Gitarrist Russ Wilkins gehörte zur Startbesetzung der legendären Milkshakes und spielte zudem bei den Pop Rivets und Delmonas. Auch Bassist John Gibbs (The Kaisers, Holly Golightly Band, The Masonics) und Schlagzeuger Lenny Helsing (Thanes, Green Telescope) haben schon auf der Bühne für Krawall gesorgt, als die Arctic Monkeys etc. nicht mal geboren waren. Das fünfte Wildebeests-Album ist gerade fertig geworden: „The Gnus of Gnavarone“.


the wildebeests

- GarageRock -

Ah, The bloody Wildebeests, true purveyors of the 'Dimbo beat' and all round Din meisters... These three lairds have been polluting the worlds ears for what seems like an eternity now what with each members previous bands and with the sheer volume of recordings, records and gigs that they've seen fit to unleash upon an unsuspecting public. The band consists of these three gits John Gibbs (The Kaisers, Holly Golightly The Masonics), Lenny Helsing (Thanes, Green Telescope) and last but not least Russ Wilkins (Pop Rivets, Milkshakes and Delmonas) who all cut their teeth playing raw beat music and generally causing a rumpus aurally, when their paths crossed they found that they had the same old cranky, rusty equipment plus some new(ish) shiny tunes that had accumulated along the way, the Wildebeests were born! fueled by enthusiasm, dunce caps and other ingredients, like finding out that they all shared the same attitudes and ideas when it came to what 'making a right old honest bloody racket' was all about...and thusly the Wildebeests did verily go forth and bang , scrape, thump and twang. Utilising the sheer sonic force of their 50 Watt P.A, 50 Watt Treble 'n' Bass and the blistering power of the 15 Watt guitar 'knee trembler' the 'Beests have stumbled through the shady underbellies of the popular music scene building a large following of like-minded 'dimbos' and 'dimbettes' both in Britain and the rest of Europe...releasing platters on some of the worlds finest record labels including Sympathy for the record Industry, Norton and Screaming Apple. Could the world be their oyster? nope, but this doesn't deter them from jabbing a knife in it's side and trying to prise it open...

The Wildebeests

The Ten Tenners

Die Band hat ihre Wurzeln in "Rock City no 1": Solingen. Zwei Bandmitglieder (Gitarre und Schlagzeug) spielen auch bei den Phonotones.
Simples Ziel ist es "simple Musik zu machen", beschreibt Gitarrist Theo. Die Ten Tenners seien Seitenprojekt, Garagending, das billige Mikro lag bei Saturn im Regal. "Dafür klingt es ganz gut", findet Theo.

The Ten Tenners