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The idea that gave birth to the klub der 40 e.V. (“The club of 40”) was to produce a concert with legendary Roky Erickson in Germany once more. The club’s members - at the time 40 - where prepared to bear the initial costs for such an endeavour and agreed to donate a monthly fee to the club. This was back in the late 80s. The klub der 40 e.V. has meanwhile become a registered non-profit association (since 1997) organising concerts and other cultural events. One of the highlights was the production of Billy Childish, The Headcoats & The Headcoatees in 1998 – a one off appearance in Germany for many years. Roky Erickson actually never made it to Germany and the klub of 40 has since modified its initial aim to a wider spectrum of cultural taste. The original idea of accommodating the input of its members is still the prime objective. The club welcomes new members as well as any input for further events.

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